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Top Engineering Jobs

Commercial Manager Western Cape R950-R750k
Senior Site Agent Gauteng R700k- R500k per annum
Senior Civil Engineer KwaZulu-Natal R700-R500k
Roads Engineer KwaZulu-Natal R600-R400k
Professional Quantity Surveyor Johannesburg R650k – R450k
Mechanical Building Services Technologist Cape Town R550k – R350k
Quantity Surveyor Johannesburg R650k – R450k

Top Mining Jobs

Engineering Manager Johannesburg ENG425/PS
Mining Manager Limpopo R1.5million - R1.2million
Chief Surveyor Gauteng R1.3million - R1.1million
Maintenance Coordinator Northern Cape R 700K - R 500K
Rock Engineer Limpopo R 1.2million - R 900
General Engineering Supervisor Mpumalanga R840K – R720K
Training Officer Northern Cape R540K – R420K

Top Trade & Tech Jobs

Process Artisan Johannesburg R400K – R350K
Unit Manager Johannesburg R500K – R450K
Branch Manager Free State Highly Negotiable
Plant Manager Johannesburg R1.2M – R800K
Shift Coordinator Johannesburg R350K – R300K
Process Artisan Johannesburg R400K – R350K
Health & Safety Superintendent Durban R390K – R350K

Top Logistics & Procurement Jobs

Group Procurement Manager Gauteng R980k – R800k
Logistics Manager Gauteng R480k – R420k
Commercial Category Specialist Limpopo R900k – R820k
Key Accounts Executive Western Cape R720k – R680k
Transport Controller Gauteng R300k – R240k
Logistics Process Auditor: Distribution Services Gauteng R640k – R580k
Site Manager Port Elizabeth R550k – R500k

Top Oil & Gas Jobs

Principal Engineer - Metallurgy & Corrosion United Arab Emirates
Project Quality Managers United Arab Emirates
Project Directors United Arab Emirates
Project Manager United Arab Emirates
Project Engineering Manager United Arab Emirates
Principal Engineer: Mechanical Rotating Equipment United Arab Emirates
Manager: Mechanical (Static) United Arab Emirates

Top HR & Recruitment Jobs

Junior Recruitment Consultants Johannesburg Market Related + Commission
Werwings Konsultant Johannesburg Mark Verwant + Kommissie
Werwings Konsultant Johannesburg, North Mark Verwant + Kommissie
Junior Recruitment Consultants Johannesburg, North Market Related + Commission
Graduate Consultants Cape Town, Waterfront Basic + Comm
Engineering Recruitment Consultants Cape Town, Waterfront Basic + Comm
Finance Recruitment Consultants Sunninghill Basic + Commission

Top Medical Jobs

Wound Care Nurse Cape Town R192k – R120k
Pharmacy Procurement Manager Johannesburg R720k – R540k
Locum ICU Nurse (PN) Cape Town R70 – R150 per hour
Locum ICU Nurse (PN) Pretoria R70 – R150 per hour
Locum ICU Nurse (PN) Johannesburg R70 – R150 per hour
Locum ICU Nurse (PN) Vereeniging R70 – R150 per hour
Locum Scrub Nurse (PN) Kathu R70 – R150 per hour


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