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Outplacement Program

Outplacement / Retrenchment Programme - Career Service Offering

Being retrenched is an enormous upheaval and a significant source of stress.

Mass Staffing Projects offers an outplacement programme that enables companies to go through retrenchments effectively and pro actively by getting retrenched employees re-employed and working again. This in turn results in a positive reference and frame of mind when looking back on their past employer even though they had to go through the potential trauma of a retrenchment process.

This is of course hugely beneficial to the company and allows the company to focus on business matters and not having time and money consumed by CCMA hearings, strikes and other issues that arise from employees who feel they have been retrenched unfairly. Costs can quite literally run into Millions of Rands that are incurred by the company during a badly managed retrenchment process.

Mass Staffing Projects will manage this process for you and save you time, money and potentially the company’s reputation in the eyes of retrenched employees.

This Mass Staffing Projects outplacement programme includes the following services: 

One-on-One consultation with a recruitment specialist
Here the recruitment specialist will go through an interview process with the individual in order to gain as much information as possible regarding the candidate’s personality, achievements, growth potential, etc.

Individual career counselling assistance, including job re-direction/job change guidance
Having gained an in-depth understanding of the individual, we can now explore different opportunities together. We will use this opportunity to have a frank discussion about different industries that can be explored, the possibility of relocation, etc.

Professional resume preparation & letters of application and Job search techniques
An intelligent job search is a very rare skill. We will teach the individuals how to think like a recruiter/hiring manager when drawing up their CV and writing their letters of applications.
We will assist them to upload their CV on all the portals and teach them various search techniques when doing a job search.
We will teach them how to read a spec and understand the most important requirements, and how to draw up their CVs and application letters around those requirements.
We will teach them telephone technique when following up on applications.
We will educate them on the recruitment industry and how agencies generally work.

Accessing the hidden job market
The hidden job market is not one that is well known or understood by non-recruiters/HR managers.
We will explain how the hidden job market works and how understanding this market can be the most beneficial to finding a new job.
We will teach cold-calling skills to help find that hidden job, as well as teach social media skills to aid them in networking with the correct people.

Interview preparation and presentation skills
Having gone through this entire process with the individual, we would have gained a strong feel for their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, etc. and can advise on how to use these various factors to their advantage in an interview, as well as offering the general tips on how to handle the stressful experience that is an interview.

Training opportunities
It is important for individuals to understand the plethora of opportunities available to them. Most people do not realise the number of various qualifications and courses available to them. I would like to bring information packs from the various universities, technikons and training academies, which will be used in conjunction with career counselling.

Mass Staffing Projects will endeavour to do all in its power to place these individuals in suitable new employment. The individuals will have access to our specialist recruiters, as well as being exposed to opportunities with our highly reputable clients.

We will also provide all individuals with information packs covering everything discussed in the sessions, which they can refer back to throughout their job search, and future career.

Pricing per Individual - (Minimum Group of 10 people required)
One-on-One consultation with a recruitment specialist R250
Individual Career Counselling assistance, including job redirection/job change guidance R250
Professional resume preparation & letter of application on job search techniques R350
Accessing the hidden job market R250
Interview preparation and presentation skills R250
Training opportunities R250
TOTAL R1600 per individual